If You’re A Fearless Female2

We work together in a safe and supportive space to remove the deeper blocks that are holding you back from making long-term change. With my coaching, you are behind the wheel and I am in the passenger seat. You are guided and supported to find solutions that best suit you and you are empowered to share your light. My process is not for everyone- I support clients when they are serious about making real, permanent shifts and changes to the way they live. Depending on what you’ve identified as your biggest wellness challenge, meetings could be in a coffee shop, over video, at the supermarket, on the trails, at the park, or in your kitchen!

There are no supplements, quick fixes, crazy gurus, just you in the flesh, as nature intended, doing the hard work necessary for sustained change. We are not messing around here, people. This is it! You finally have help and the chance to detox your life! It’s about the big picture. It’s about the quality of your wellness. It’s about how you chose to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. THIS is about YOU!

I want you to feel very confident that you are being supported. While I make recommendations following a FREE 15-minute Coaching Call with respect to a pragmatic the most suitable level of service, the choice is ultimately yours. This might be your first REALLY big decision for self-care, and you will want to take some time and feel into it before you decide to take this extraordinary leap of faith. Or you might just want to get started stat!


In Living Light there are 3 options of service to you:

1.) Wellness Consultations CLICK HERE

2.) Restore Your Balance 6-month Program using Ayurveda CLICK HERE

3.) The Ultimate Self-Care Weekend using Ayurveda CLICK HERE



“The dark does not destroy the light, it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy in the shadows.” -Brené Brown 

The concept of Living Light is inspired by none other than the LOVE bug itself. Well, that and the world’s oldest known holistic medicine system called Ayurveda.

By aligning one’s own natural rhythms with those of mama nature, strengthening the mind/body connection, and creating space in your life for what really matters by releasing what doesn’t matter….wow. It is truly liberating!

Living Light is…

Finding the joy in your life again

About the big picture. We look at the whole person, the opportunities that lie within

Small, incremental change practiced regularly

Challenging your limiting beliefs so that you can grow

Singing while you cook wonderful meals in your kitchen

Improving your vitality and living a long, delicious, and purposeful life

Learning to let go of what no longer serves you so you can make space for things that will

Uncovering the blocks that are preventing long lasting change

Finding your rhythm, your harmony, your inner peace

Becoming a magnet for wonderful things

Going to the grocery store and knowing exactly what foods and products will promote your health

Understanding the role of love, fear, and how these two basic emotions guide our actions

Establishing a healthy, nourishing routine for a better quality of life

Discovery and self-empowerment

Trading in your tired, old, unhealthy habits for new, lighter, more vibrant ones

Creating value in every experience you encounter

Forgiveness, gratitude, and creating abundance

Caring about yourself FIRST so that you can care for others

Showing up as a better version of yourself and setting you up for success

Applying the basic principles of an ancient system of self-care combined with the modern advances in wellness, I help you achieve this life of ease for which you have been looking. I look at the fundamentals, the basics, then work my way up from there. Think of it as rebuilding a house, only this time you have a solid foundation and it is built on rocks, not sand. Is it time to change the blueprint of your life?