“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”-Henry Ford

If you could reduce rising sick days, months of stress leave, or the significant paper work involved with workplace injury claims, would an hour with a Certified Wellness Coach be worth it to you and your team?

Kendra is an engaging speaker with a passion for wellness and health. She has spoken to a variety of class sizes ranging from small groups in a boardroom to larger audiences in a theatre- anywhere from one-hour sessions to four-hour sessions. She is currently offering one-hour interactive workshops called “power hours” to suit the needs of an increasingly busy world.

An awesome bonus is that all of her hours include snacks made specifically to complement the topic’s discussion- the food is part of the experiential learning! Kendra is happy to accommodate businesses, clubs, and groups with a custom education session designed to meet your specific requirements.

Included with the POWER HOURS:

  • Course material and handouts
  • Delicous and healthy homemade snacks and cooling or warming beverages
  • Follow-up

Your group’s investment…

$500* per hour for a group of 10-15 people

*Pricing includes GST

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Here’s what people are saying about the workshops: 

“It was a great workshop. Met new people and just enjoyed the nature around us. Kendra made some amazing food for us to taste. It was delicious. Also got some great reminders on how to reduce stress and let go! Thanks, Kendra.”
-Michelle, Red Deer, AB

“I was very fortunate to be able to spend the morning in Red Deer at the “Mid Summer Wellness” talk that Kendra put on. I had a wonderful experience learning about breathing, meditation, and healthy eating. Kendra made me feel comfortable with expressing and allowing my inner child to come out and play during fun partner yoga activities. The tasty whole food treats were prepared with love, and Kendra was more than happy to share where to find these easy- to-create-yourself recipes. I truly loved listening to and learning from Kendra as she is not only very knowledgeable about health, the way our bodies move, work and function, but she is passionate about what she does, and she speaks from her heart about health and wellness! Thank you, Kendra, for this wonderful experience!”
-Janette, Calgary, AB

“I attended the “Spring Clean” talk in April and I learned so much! Kendra presents in such a warm, relaxing way. She encourages participation so we all can learn from each other. I left feeling lighter and gained new knowledge about my body, the food I eat, and how my surroundings can effect my well-being. We did breathing exercises, stretched, then finished off with a refreshing smoothie! The seminar was a great taste of what Living Light offers. I look forward to the next! Thank you!”
-Kristine, Sylvan Lake, AB

“I attended the “Spring Clean” talk and highly recommend it. A lot of valuable information covered in an afternoon. Thanks, Kendra.”
-Darcia, Olds, AB

“I really enjoyed the “No Sugar Added” talk today- very informative and interactive. I enjoyed that lots of wellness aspects were included to give a more holistic approach. I gained a lot of insight into my own habits and have some tools to make changes. You really know your stuff and I’d recommend you to anyone!”
-Robyn, Red Deer, AB

“I went to the “Happy Holidays” event in the beginning of December, 2015, and I am grateful for that. I met like-minded people with whom I could relate easily, and I learned useful and easy-to- absorb information. Her healthy treats are a must! Food for body and soul; information for life. Thank you for having me, and I’m looking forward to our next meeting and event together.”
-Kali, Red Deer, AB