Healing Your Life Course

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This 6-week live course is designed to guide you week-by-week on your self-care journey to achieving optimal health for your unique body type. When you understand your body, what throws it off balance, and what brings it back, you can create a simple step-by-step system to ensure your results are sustainable. This is no trend. This is a time-tested system that is re-emerging in the West and people are getting healthier, happier, and calmer by the day!

Proactive health does not have to be difficult.

*Please know that this course is non-refundable.

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  • -Kate
    “Thank you for your passion about Ayurveda and for bringing knowledge of health to daily life!”
  • -Gem
    “The information in this course increased my awareness and led to greater consciousness. What more can I say?”
  • -Missy Patton
    “The Ayurvedic practices that I learned provided me with many of the missing pieces in the puzzle of my life’s journey”
    -Missy Patton
  • -Jane Golden
    ”I felt like I received a bounty of seeds to cultivate. The new growth is fitting well into the routines already in place. I enjoyed this class. I think it is a loving way to be introduced to the path of Ayurveda”
    -Jane Golden
  • -Will Soszka
    "As someone who had little to no idea what Ayurveda was, this class was great for opening my eyes to all it has to offer and how to use it”
    -Will Soszka