Healing Your Life Course

Begins Tuesday August 18th, 2020

In partnership with the California College of Ayurveda, I am proud to introduce the 6-week online Healing Your Life Ayurveda Lifestyle Course!

This 6-week live course is designed to guide you week-by-week on your self-care journey to achieving optimal health for your unique body type. When you understand your body, what throws it off balance, and what brings it back, you can create a simple step-by-step system to ensure your results are sustainable. This is no trend. This is a time-tested system that is re-emerging in the West and people are getting healthier, happier, and calmer by the day!

Proactive health does not have to be difficult.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to up-level their diet and lifestyle routines
  • Yoga teachers, healers and lovers
  • Health professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, coaches, nutrition specialists and more


Week 1: The Cause of Disease & Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Week 2: Constitution, The Mind & Nature of Your Imbalances

Week 3: Healing Your Life Through Diet

Week 4: Healing Your Life Through Touch & The Healing Rhythms of Daily Life

Week 5: Healing Your Life Through Aromatherapy and Vision

Week 6: Healing Your Life with Sound and Final Q&A

Your body is speaking to you. Find out what it is saying and how you can respond to it with a simple step-by-step system.

In This Course, You Will:

  • Discover your body's unique constitution, the nature of your imbalances, and simple habits you can do to bring it back into balance.
  • Learn hands-on how you can build your body's natural immunity and prevent dis-ease with the 5 sense therapies - sight, smell, taste, touch and sound! Spoiler alert: you will be taste testing, indulging in gorgeous smells, and listening to the oldies!
  • Get the best kept secret for better energy, improve sleep, and a happy and healthy gut.

This course is based on the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the world's oldest healthcare system that teaches us how to simplify our lives through the understanding of our unique body constitutions. When we know what our constitution is, we know what throws it off balance and what we can do to bring it back into balance.

Materials List (for additional cost):

  • Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda by Dr. Marc Halpern. *You will need to have this book for the course. A link and instructions are provided in registration for how to access the book online. (Approx Price: $9.95 CAD Kindle | $16.95 CAD Book}
  • You will need the following items: Neti Pot, Himalayan Sea Salt, Eye Wash Cup, Witch Hazel, Sesame/Sunflower Oil, Tongue Cleaner, 4oz Amber Spray Bottle, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Petal Rosewater (Can be ordered as a kit including book through the California of Ayurveda for $75USD or purchase separately items you do not have at home. Please consider shipping times and course start date if ordering items.)
  • Testimonials:

    • -Kate
      “Thank you for your passion about Ayurveda and for bringing knowledge of health to daily life!”
    • -Gem
      “The information in this course increased my awareness and led to greater consciousness. What more can I say?”
    • -Missy Patton
      “The Ayurvedic practices that I learned provided me with many of the missing pieces in the puzzle of my life’s journey”
      -Missy Patton
    • -Jane Golden
      ”I felt like I received a bounty of seeds to cultivate. The new growth is fitting well into the routines already in place. I enjoyed this class. I think it is a loving way to be introduced to the path of Ayurveda”
      -Jane Golden
    • -Will Soszka
      "As someone who had little to no idea what Ayurveda was, this class was great for opening my eyes to all it has to offer and how to use it”
      -Will Soszka