Wellness Consultation

Who Is This For?

This is for those who are looking for the guidance and tips of a wellness coach without the commitment of a program. If you are someone who is looking to make some shifts in their life and you want this once-in-awhile support, this is a good option for you.

Consultation Description:

We work together in a safe and supportive space to remove the deeper blocks that are holding you back from making long-term change. With my coaching, you are behind the wheel and I am in the passenger seat. You are guided and supported to find solutions that best suit you and you are empowered to share your light. My process is not for everyone- I support clients when they are serious about making real, permanent shifts and changes to the way they live. Depending on what you’ve identified as your biggest wellness challenge, meetings could be in a coffee shop, over video, at the supermarket, on the trails, at the park, or in your kitchen!

There are no supplements, quick fixes, crazy gurus, just you in the flesh, as nature intended, doing the hard work necessary for sustained change. We are not messing around here, people. This is it! You finally have help and the chance to detox your life! It’s about the big picture. It’s about the quality of your wellness. It’s about how you chose to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. THIS is about YOU!

Request A Session

Please complete the form and Kendra will get back to you within 48 hours or to speak with Kendra directly call her at 1-403-505-5898.


Here's people are saying about my Wellness Consultations:

  • -Greg, 63, Red Deer, AB
    Kendra is the real deal. Not some wannabe coach but a real person, with a big heart who exemplifies what “Living Light” looks like. If you are looking for a wellness coach who lives what she teaches, then Kendra is just the ticket. Authentic, passionate, and energetic- she will help you help yourself. A life that is light, effortless, and congruent with where you are and what you wish to become awaits! Everything Kendra shares is heartfelt and based on sound practices. Yes, she has a bunch of training and credentials – the best thing about working with Kendra is her energy and her commitment. Will she push your buttons, hold you accountable and expect your full commitment? Yes, indeed. She will also listen and help fill in the gaps of your understanding to provide you with a solid foundation- a foundation of information, insights, and practical tactics that will not only open your mind, but also give you the pieces to your “Living Light” puzzle. With Kendra you get a visionary, enthusiastic coach that expands your awareness and opens your heart. Reach out for your Discovery Session today, you will be glad you did!
    -Greg, 63, Red Deer, AB
  • -Kim, Red Deer, AB
    Hi Kendra, Hope you had a good weekend! Thank you for taking the time to chat on Friday. I feel like you opened up a new door, as this weekend was wonderful. I feel like I let something out on Friday night and have the conquer attitude back! I am not going to let (this health issue) define who I am.
    -Kim, Red Deer, AB
  • -Jennifer, 34, Red Deer, AB
    I had no idea what to expect going into the session, but WOW we covered a lot in that hour! I came in feeling heavy and stressed and left feeling lighter and full of hope. I gained insight and direction; but, most of all, was encouraged that I could change my life and that I had found someone committed to helping me do it. Thank you, Kendra.
    -Jennifer, 34, Red Deer, AB
  • -Janet, 41, Red Deer, AB
    Kendra’s energy and optimism supported exactly what I was hoping for when booking with her. Excited to meet with a like-minded soul to start the process of Living Light.  
    -Janet, 41, Red Deer, AB
  • -Jacquie, 33, Red Deer, AB
    Today’ session was definitely something I needed. Kendra was easy to talk to and I felt like this could be the first step towards something amazing! For me! Putting me first and finding out what I need to do for myself and can do for myself, to start living life and loving life again. An eye opening session!  
    -Jacquie, 33, Red Deer, AB
  • -John and Rochelle, both 77, Red Deer, AB
    Our session with Kendra Irvine was very profitable- money and time well spent. For a number of years, we have wanted to pursue the Ayurvedic lifestyle but couldn’t seem to find a place to start. We’d read books, watch media presentations, buy CDs, and seek help from knowledgeable people, but our attempts at implementation always ended in frustration. During our session with Kendra, she skillfully helped us define our goals and arrive at a plan for realizing them. We are looking forward to ongoing coaching from her.  
    -John and Rochelle, both 77, Red Deer, AB
  • -Janet, 66, Red Deer, AB
    Kendra’s manner in my first session put me totally at ease so that we were able to discuss some very meaningful topics. I am impressed with the idea of “living light”!  
    -Janet, 66, Red Deer, AB
  • -Alejandra, 18, Red Deer, AB
    My session made me realize what I want to find in this journey. I feel very motivated because we will work on my deepest challenges that I believe can completely shift my lifestyle. It made me see how much potential I have, that I can overcome any obstacles that come into my life and these tools will help me do so. I am very excited to work as hard as I can to accomplish my goals.  
    -Alejandra, 18, Red Deer, AB
  • -Leanne, 36, Terrace, BC
    I enjoyed my conversation with Kendra. She gave me hope in terms of improving my health and taking care of me first. I look forward to more sessions with her.  
    -Leanne, 36, Terrace, BC
  • -Elizabeth, 40, Red Deer, AB
    A journey to the centre of you is what you will experience if you will let yourself. I was brought to myself! My true self that has been hidden. A discovery of the cage that holds you back from achieving your goals. Kendra is kind, compassionate and supportive. This was a very important step in my healing process.  
    -Elizabeth, 40, Red Deer, AB
  • – Charlene, 50, Red Deer, AB
    My session was not only enlightening but overwhelming in a good way. Who would have thought the road to discovery could happen in such a short window of time. After today, I feel hopeful and excited for the future. I am excited for the journey ahead and am looking forward to “feeling lighter” in so many areas of my life. Kendra made my session safe and free to really open up to who I am and who I can truly be. Here’s to “feeling lighter!  
    – Charlene, 50, Red Deer, AB
  • -Chelsey, 34, Red Deer, AB
    My session was eye-opening! I came in thinking that I already knew how I felt and what has been holding me back, but the questions Kendra asked made me realize that I have not been honest with myself. I have surrounded myself with armour and, while this has protected me from the outside, it has also impeded my ability to look internally and be honest with myself. I am surprised by the things I found about about myself thought the Discovery Session and am excited to see what I can accomplish once I tear down my internal walls.  
    -Chelsey, 34, Red Deer, AB
  • -Anonymous, Lacombe, AB
    The session assisted me to further my commitment to myself and my life’s journey. Kendra has the compassion and inner strength to be that person you sometimes need in life to help you on your way. I am grateful for the experience.  
    -Anonymous, Lacombe, AB
  • -Anonymous, Red Deer, AB
    I felt that Kendra listened and really heard my concerns, fears, wishes, and goals for my well-being and health. She was receptive to my input and made positive suggestions for change. I look forward to hearing her ideas and learning from her on the journey toward wellness!  
    -Anonymous, Red Deer, AB
  • -Michael, 46, Red Deer, AB
    Professional and honest. Kendra was able to diagnose some root tendencies that have led me to be who I am today and provide a support plan for change. I feel Kendra has a vested interest in my success.
    -Michael, 46, Red Deer, AB
  • -Cody, Red Deer
    It was great that Kendra was able to help me recognize past thoughts that are coming up in the present and are holding me back from taking action. I am now able to recognize specific thoughts and words that have been subconsciously preventing me from going forward with my business dreams and will now consciously choose my thoughts and actions that will keep my spirit high and in the direction of my goal. Thank you, Kendra!!
    -Cody, Red Deer