Ryan to me (jokingly): “ You’re a wellness coach? What are you doing here?” Me to Ryan (humbly and bashfully):
“Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right.” -Henry Ford Our minds are far more powerful than we can even
This is a subject with which I am all too familiar. My thoughts jump from tree to tree more times
The Beatles sang about it. Shakespeare wrote about it. You can get bitten by its bug. It conquers all. You
Did you know that if we took out all the food containing added sugar in the grocery store, we would
1. Get yourself an entourage or a team. By surrounding yourself with those who help you be a better version of
Feeling a little mixed-nuts over the holidays? Winter is a super emotional time of the year- a time when we
What would you say if we could start making your dreams come true right now? What would your life be
Take 3 slow, deep breaths. Did you do it? Deep Breathing or pranayama as it’s known in Sanskrit is just