1. Get yourself an entourage or a team. By surrounding yourself with those who help you be a better version of yourself and only have your best interest in mind, you are more likely to manifest what you want.

Your tribe might be a massage therapist to help you detox and relax, your brother or sister because they are awesome listeners and always have sage advice or questions for you to help you grow, the most loving spouse in the world, your 4-year old because he reminds you that now is all that matters, a coach because he or she challenges you in your limited beliefs. Keep the ball rolling- a physiotherapist, a trainer, a counsellor….anyone that is in your best interest belongs in your entourage to support your highest good. And when you support your highest good, you are supporting the highest good of others as well. Be the change.

2. Read, read, and read some more. Personal growth, new language, relationship, anything that falls in alignment with what you value. Don’t have time for a book? Why not try the audiobook version on your way to work instead of listening to that same Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift song they play every single morning at the same time on the radio? You know which one I’m talking about. You’re probably singing it right now!

What kinds of things inspire you? Whatever you chose to consume, make sure you are getting something from it you can use for a better quality of life NOW.

Books are very helpful tools if you use them for good and can really make a difference in helping you turn around your life and make it extraordinary! That book for me was “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

What will yours be?

3. Move your body. As Tony Robbins says “e-motion is energy in motion”. That’s right, buddy. Walk it off! Here’s the thing: we are physiologically wired for movement and growth and the less we move (no thanks to modern conveniences like drive-through banking and on-demand everything) the more stuck we become all around.

It shows up as that stiffness in your neck, that “bad posture”, those hamstrings that are so tight you can barely touch your knees; it shows up in your revolving thoughts that play over and over again, “writer’s block”, poor sleeping habits and crappy mood,  the inability to move forward in a relationship…everywhere!

Who likes being sticky? Not me! So, take at least a bare minimum of 10 minutes a day to move your body in some way- flow yoga, a HIIT workout, a crisp morning run- and watch your life change as you step into the new version of you.

If you don’t have 10 minutes a day for your self-care, that’s a red flag to make some changes.

You can do this. You rock.

Final thoughts…

Being a rockstar means you practice every day, you write your own songs (read: get a plan), you have an entourage of support, and you step out onto your life stage and show that sold-out crowd what you’re made of.

And, yes, starting is the hardest part. But decide. And decide now before you talk yourself out of your dreams again.

You are not guaranteed the next moments of your life.

To get going on this already, ask yourself this question of inspired action: What is ONE thing I can do right now to get me even as little as 1/2 a millimetre closer to my goal? Then do it!!

In the words of Bon Jovi: “It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever.”

Keep on rocking in the free world,