The Sacred Body Mini Retreat

Prepare your body for the summer season with Ayurvedic and Shamanic Wisdom

September 21st, 2024

at 9am – 5pm

StoneHedge – A Place for Community
(20 minutes Southeast of Edmonton, AB)

Plus, join us for a dip in the hot tub after the day’s activities.

Just like the seasons, your body goes through shifts and transformations throughout the year, but did you know that there are healthy, spiritual, holistic ways to make the transition easier? 

Join Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Kendra Irvine, and Men’s/Shamanic Coach, Rodolfo Menjivar, as they share with you powerful, supportive tools and methods to tap into your body’s intuitive wisdom to smoothly transition from summer to fall. 

Our bodies function best when we are in sync with mother nature, yet in our modern lives so many of us live out of alignment, unable to feel the natural rhythms nature intended for us.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Through time-honoured, trusted methods, we can experience more clarity of mind, spirit and body and connect to our inner wisdom.

Sacred Body Workshop Benefits:


A refreshed mind and guidance to cleanse your spirit


Improved relationship with food


Improved resilience and getting aligned


Improved connection with your soul, self, and purpose


Better nutrition for a well-nourished body in the fall season


More energy to tackle your day


Knowing your body better than ever before

What others have to say…

Starting my journey of healthy living, this workshop gave more tools for my tool belt. I am walking away feeling lighter and grateful for the earth I stand on!

Chantal W., Edmonton

Bringing it Home has so much meaning for me now. Getting back in touch with Mother Nature and her qualities she shares, connecting with myself feels at home.

Tina S., Edmonton

This workshop was medicine for the soul. Grounding, healing, inspiring… I feel reset and in a state of homeostasis. It was a lovely bonding experience for my husband and I.

Kara B., Edmonton

It’s really hard to put this experience into words. It’s got the right amount of hands on interaction activities, you’re not being told, you’re being encouraged to look within for all the answers, because they are innately found within you. Kendra and Rodolfo help facilitate the journey very well. Thank you guys. I appreciate you both and the experience you provide.

Dawn W., Sylvan Lake

A great way to escape the outside worlds’ troubles and issues, to work on yourself in a calm and welcoming space.

Andrew B., Edmonton

Amazing journey with Kendra and Rodolfo. It’s a must to learn the truth about how our human body needs and works.

Pere B., Edmonton

Sacred body workshop is a truly worth it day full of wisdom, full of aha moments. I would come back again and encourage others to do the same.

Phillip S., Edmonton

I have worked with Kendra for a number of years and love how her and Rodolfo joined Ayurveda and Shamanism beliefs and practices together for a truly beautiful and unique experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with us. There are so many of my loved ones that I would recommend coming to this workshop so they too, can learn how to make healthy changes.

Janette U., Calgary

Today’s retreat brought me the clarity and the tools I need to move forward. Such a positive, empowering, and hope filled day.

Paulette H., Edmonton

Great job Rodolfo and Kendra. This was a warm and inviting experience that I would recommend to everyone who is on their spiritual journey. Very informative and welcoming.

Neil B., Edmonton

The Sacred Body retreat is great for learning about YOU and the things you can do to help yourself, as well as meet amazing people. It really helps me with my true intentions and it gets better every time I come!

Jodi S., Leduc

Kendra and Rodolfo were very informative and worked well together to provide a multifaceted overview of health and wellness.

Janis M., Red Deer

Heck YES, I would recommend this workshop! Finding my Body Type helped me make more sense of things and I loved the drumming! The workshop was fun, light-hearted, and I had lots of A-Ha moments.

Jennifer S., Edmonton

OMG, I will be back for more! Every time I come out or participate in one of their body events, I take away another nugget of personal growth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kamille U., Calgary

Kendra and Rodolfo were excellent, knowledgeable, and forthcoming. I had a pleasant experience and a few a-ha moments.

Kathleen B., Edmonton

This was such a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it! I left feeling inspired and full of knowledge. I highly recommend this workshop. The learning and healing practices we did were amazing, I feel like a new person. I’m inspired and ready to make more changes. Thank you both!
Marcy M., Red Deer

This is one of the most relevant health workshops I’ve ever attended. I enjoyed it all.

Joanne B., Red Deer

Don’t miss this unique experience!

Tap into your body’s wisdom and ease yourself from spring to summer. Spaces are limited.

Your Guides

Kendra Irvine

Kendra Irvine is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist at her company Living Light Ayurveda, a Certified Wellness Coach, and a Professional Kinesiologist who guides men and women like you to reconnect with nature, heal themselves, and live their fullest potential. Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, she teaches us how to align with Mother Nature, nurture our relationship with our bodies, and come home to the inherent joy and peace within. 

Ayurveda or “the science of life” teaches us how to create a simple daily routine to honour fundamental needs based on our body/mind constitutions or “Doshas”. Knowing your constitution will help you identify your imbalances so that you can correct them and self-heal.

Rodolfo Menjivar

Rodolfo Menjivar is a Coach for Men, Speaker, Meditation Teacher, and Best Selling Author of “Life Balance,” spreading the message that health is about more than just diet and exercise. Our mental, emotional and spiritual health is just as important. He is also a Certified Meditation Teacher and Coach.

Rodolfo, whose medicine name is StarFox Guardian, is currently studying Shamanism through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. Their wisdom and knowledge come from the Toltec and Mayan lineages, and can offer you insight into the characteristics you were born with, phases as you move through life, the energies around you, and how to best move forward.

Experience the many benefits of Ayurvedic and Shamanic wisdom this summer season.