Your Happy Body 9 Week Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program


Are you looking for a simple, “root-cause” healthcare system to help you heal common challenges like food issues, stress, sleep, overweight, or crappy energy? 


Are you looking for an effective lifestyle plan to better manage your health routine that’s been affected by our broken healthcare system? 


Do you want to upgrade your nutrition and lifestyle to work with your unique body type?

    The Happy Body Ayurveda Program is a breakthrough lifestyle course to show you how to create a healthy daily routine for your specific body type for sustainable results. Kendra is a wellness expert who has been in the wellness industry for 24  years, has studied and practiced this wellness system for over 8 years, has been invited to several stages to share the knowledge of Ayurveda, and has guided all of her past and current clients to results with this simple and effective approach to better health.

    Online Group Coaching

    One-hour online group coaching sessions with Kendra to get the in-person support, tools, and practice the 5-sense therapies with your class members and new friends!


    Weekly video group support calls  on Monday nights to help you through the program and answer any questions you may have about the life work you do between classes. We also do 2 private check-in calls midway and at the end of the course to help boost results. 



    Access to our private Telegram Page for ongoing support from members and facilitators. This is impactful!


    A new seasonal Ayurvedic recipe to try out each week, hand selected from my own personal kitchen and delivered your inbox! BONUS: Food Combining guidelines included. 

    “Ayurveda works 100% of the time for 100% of the people that put 100% of the work in.”

    “This course helps you to place more of a focus on “self” to better serve others. Learning with a group of others who have similar challenges and hearing their stories of growth has value. So for anyone that is struggling with putting themselves first and feeling burnt out,  I would recommend you take this course.”

    Christine B., Vancouver, BC

    “Kendra Irvine is an inspiring teacher and truly cares about other people’s wellness. She teaches how wellness through Ayurveda is attainable and sustainable for anyone seeking to live a fulfilling, authentic and healthy life. I have already begun implementing what I have learned!”

    Becky P., Red Deer, AB

    This course is based on the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest healthcare system that teaches us how to simplify our lives through the understanding of our unique body constitutions. When we know what our constitution is, we know what throws it off balance and what we can do to bring it back into balance.

    By the end of this course, you will:
    1. Have all the tools and healthy rituals you need to get started on healing your life.
    2. Better understand your Doshic body type and how you can bring more balance.
    3. Be implementing a healthy daily routine using the 5 sense therapies.
    Who this course is for:
    • People who want to up-level their diet and lifestyle routines
    • Yoga teachers, healers and lovers
    • Health professionals including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, coaches, nutrition specialists and more
    Who this course is NOT for:
    • This course is not for those who want a one size fits all quick fix and who are not willing to do the work necessary for sustainable change.

    Your body is speaking to you. Find out what it is saying and how you can respond to it with a simple step-by-step system.

    Real Life Benefits:

    • More energy to tackle your day
    • Better sleep for a happier mind
    • Better digestion for a happier gut
    • Better nutrition for a well nourished body
    • Better relationships with family and friends
    • Improved immunity for feeling resilient and confident
    • Improved emotional response so you don’t snap so easily



    Week 1: What’s Ayurveda, why you get sick, and the BODY TYPES

    Week 2: Your Body out of Balance: what it looks like, how it feels, how to fix it.   

    Week 3: Healthy Daily Routine for your body type    

    Week 4: Nutrition Part 1: Nutrition for your body type and Healthy Eating Guidelines for the Doshas    

     Week 5: Nutrition Part 2: Best and worst foods for your body and the right Touch Therapy for your body  

    Week 6: How colours and aromas affect your body type    

    Week 7: Sound Therapy for a happy body 

    Week 8: Best seasonal routine and detox for your body type  

    Week 9: Creating a customized Action Plan and final Q & A


    “I have found great benefits in beginning to understand my constitution, the needs my body has, and how I can begin to bring balance to my Doshic body type. My sense of personal boundaries around healthful versus unhealthful choices has also improved. The program really brings to light how our surroundings all play a part in creating harmony or disharmony within us.”

    Janette U., Calgary, AB

    “This course is a great place to start. It’s doable even if your life is busy. The information makes sense and is easy to implement and you will feel the great impact from the changes.”

    Candace C., Onoway, AB

    Your Happy Body 9-Week Ayurveda Program will give you all the tools and healthy rituals you need to get started on healing your life. 


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    “Loved this course. It was amazing how many things feel like they are written for you personally!”

    Courtney J., Red Deer, AB

    “Absolutely! I would recommend this course.  It’s a very natural way to enhance my life and I now have a few small (healthy) habits that have been very impactful.”

    Julio R., Driftwood, Tx