Earth Mama- An Off Grid Ayurvedic Retreat

4 Days in Nature to Unearth the Harmoniously Wild Woman

*No retreat for 2024, Date For summer 2025 tBA in autumn*  | Golden, British Columbia


Have you heard about Ayurveda and dabbled in it, maybe taken the dosha quiz or worked extensively with me and you want a chance to put this knowledge to practice in the most natural, healing space possible? 


Are you wanting to get back out to nature and discover your true, wild, authentic self again?


Do you want an opportunity to eat AND create delicious meals that are good for your body type and the summer season?


This is a retreat for all the tough mamas. The wild woman within. An event for the raw you, desiring to reconnect with herself and the earth. The gal that is on her path of self-discovery and remembering her true nature.

Earth Mama Off Grid Ayurvedic Retreat is an event of divine calling. With every passing day, we are becoming more and more disconnected from nature, and thus more disconnected from Self. With the knowledge of our Doshas, we can put those principles to practice in the most authentic way possible and with the help of Mama Nature herself!

Simple, rustic, authentic. Just as nature intended.

Join us in beautiful British Columbia to celebrate your inner child, nourish your body, and come alive in the mountains!


Improved relationship and growing stewardship for Mama Earth and all living beings


Reconnection with self in the most loving, supportive, natural environment


Better eating practice and improved seasonal food rituals


Nourishing, lifelong friendships and community


A body recalibrated and attuned to the rhythms of mother nature. This body is at ease.


Better movement for your body type. Certain exercises benefit certain body types and you will gain a new skill set you can take with you!


A calm mind that is confident and co-creating with life itself


Improved confidence and higher connection with meaning and purpose

Earth Mama Retreat Includes:


  • 3 nights’ accommodations in a traditional log cabin near the spirited Blaeberry River and gorgeous front row views of the mountains. Fall asleep to the sound of silence and if you listen closely, you might even hear a coyote howling in the distance.
  • All seasonal (Pitta Dosha) Ayurvedic meals cooked for you and some even WITH you in our cozy log cabin. We may even be able to go into the forest and collect some of nature’s edible fare to add to our wholesome fare! 
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Classes to learn some simple recipes you can add to your everyday practice.
  • Enjoy a mug of rustic chaga hot chocolate, golden mylk, and wild seasonal tea as you breathe in the experience and take in the ancient wisdom of the 15 guidelines of healthy eating in the season and for your Doshic body type.
  • Mud Baths in the flats of the river. These are soooo grounding and dexotifying. Let your inner child play! 
  • Enjoy a Moon Bath as we make invigorating cool-water flower infusion teas.
  • Forest bathing, tree hugging (and kissing), and earthing practices. Connect with nature and her beautiful mother trees in a deeper way than you expected. 
  • Group Coaching around the fire, in the forest, meditation house, or sitting on a log next to the river.
  • Riverside Meditation and Breathwork on the balcony of the Meditation House as the sun rises and to close down the day at sunset. 
  • Morning Sunrise Happy Body Movement Practice to wake up all your 5 senses. This goes before we seal it all in with meditation. 
  • Bonfires in the solitude of the mountains. Yes, we can roast marshmallows, too. (Cinnamon spiced s’mores anyone???) This is, after all, the season you celebrate your inner child.
  • Plenty of free time where you can enjoy a dip in the hot tub, do some Mandala colouring, journal as you sway in the hammock with water trickling by, have a nap in the outdoor day bed surrounded by a romantic netting, take an Alice in Wonderland trip through the labyrinth, or book a nourishing rustic massage with Annette!
  • Opportunity for some one-on-one time with me. I’ll hold the space for you to talk about whatever Mama Nature inspires you to say.
  • A personal learning experience with support of a group. One of our favourite fringe benefits is the people we get to know over the time we spend together. I love making new friends, do you? 
  • A soulfully created swag bag curated to your Doshic type to help you make the retreat that much more delicious. 
Who this is for:

Ideally, you will have prior experience or knowledge of Ayurveda and the body types, and have completed at least a subjective Dosha Quiz or a full Comprehensive Ayurvedic Assessment with me for the best possible value. This retreat  is as close to reconnecting to nature as it gets, and was curated for all the warrior women out there. 

Who this is not for:

If you’re not into “roughing it” for a few days, this is definitely not for you. This retreat is not for women who want pedicures and pampering over the weekend. This is to help you grow and expand your connect to nature and, more importantly to yourself.  If you have no prior experience with Ayurveda, you will not get the full benefits of this retreat. 

  • Option 1: Pay in Full $1647 + GST
  • Option 2: 3 Payments of $599 + GST each
  • Deposit: $300 + GST Pay today (deposit to be deducted from chosen payment option)
A word about accommodations:

We will stay in a traditional log cabin- some rooms are double occupancy, some are single. It is first come, first serve. You are disconnecting from media sources, so no WIFI. Bring water bottles, a large mason jar with a lid, a headlamp or flashlight, and a wrist watch. The full list will be emailed to you after your successful registration. 


If you leave the retreat and you don’t feel an improvement in your relationship with your earth body or the Earth herself, we will work together until you feel that is complete for you.

Register Now

Date: TBA

Location: This retreat takes place at Quantum Leaps Lodge in the backcountry of Golden, BC. It is about a 4-hour drive Southwest from Red Deer, Alberta.

Due Today: $300 + GST Deposit

“Off-grid, back to Mama Earth was everything I needed. Getting caught up in all the hats I wear at home, in life- it gets exhausting. This was peaceful. This was reconnecting. This was what my inner child needed. She has been hidden for so long and here she felt safe to come out and play. That’s the biggest part that I get to take from this. Thank you for such a great weekend.”

⁃ Cait, 24, Sylvan Lake

“An amazing opportunity to come back into alignment with my inner compass. I arrived feeling frazzled and left feeling fabulous. The inner transformation and re-connection with myself and nature was exactly what my soul was yearning for.

- Loren W., 41, Red Deer

I am a new woman after this experience. I was in a state of constant fight or flight before. I feel that I am calm and peaceful. I feel a deep connection to the earth and I can hear her now. My inner child is nourished and loved and I have the tools to keep her in this energy. “

- Candace C., 56, Onoway