9 Week Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program


The Happy Body Ayurveda Program is a breakthrough lifestyle course to show you how to create a healthy daily routine for your specific body type for sustainable results.  

This course is based on the principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest healthcare system that teaches us how to simplify our lives through the understanding of our unique body constitutions.







Ayurvedic Body Type Assessment


The assessment is purely a gathering of information, so the more you can tell us, the better your program will be. Once we have all the data we need, we go to work, looking at the big picture of your health- who you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually- so that we can make a determination of your unique body constitution and current imbalances. This is as close as we get to getting to the root of the problem!

Mini Assessment


These mini assessments include a transformational 3-part zoom session where, first, the practitioner and you will be discussing areas of your life and well-being. Next, we will be assessing physical characteristics such as face shape, body, tongue, palm, hair, and skin. 

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