Your Happy Body Ayurvedic Lifestyle Private Program


Who Is This For?

You have completed the Assessment Starter Package

You prefer highly effective individualized support for sustainable results

About the Private Program

This is where we put all this knowledge to work and your program really begins. In these 1-hour visits, we check-in on how you are progressing with your recommendations, provide support in overcoming challenges, and assess the effect of treatments such as diet, lifestyle, and sensory therapies. If all is going well, we can move forward with your next recommendation.

This is a one-year coaching and mentorship program where we will be working first to correct the current imbalances, then move into maintaining the changes your body naturally experiences in all 4 of the seasons. In this time, we will cover a balancing diet and lifestyle program, aromatherapy, sound therapy, yogic therapies, and any of the other 5 sense therapies necessary for your body to move into balance. Visits begin weekly, then as you progress, they spread out to biweekly, then monthly, seasonally, and finally yearly!

Your Happy Body Ayurvedic Lifestyle Private Program includes:

  • Access to Emotional Freedom Technique modality to address any blocks happening on the energy level Access to Exercise Therapy for your body type to nourish your physical nature and help you improve your physical fitness Access to my private library of Ayurvedic recipes specific to reducing imbalances and nourishing body type And more!
  • Weekly visits at the beginning. Then bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonally as you show progress and complete your recommendations
  • 12 months of individualized support until you got this on your own
  • Access to exclusive wellness resources specific to your Dosha body/mind type
  • Membership in my curated online social community
  • Beginner’s Ayurvedic Cookbook
  • Initial supply of Ayurvedic spices plus discount from RASA Ayurveda Apothecary

“I would recommend this service to absolutely everyone. With all the misinformation out there, and Ayurveda having such a proven track record, you are better able to validate yourself and benefit from recommendations that suit you to a “T”. I have already gone from sleeping interrupted for 2 hours a night to 5-6 hours uninterrupted, increased my natural energy from a 3.5/10 to a 9/10, almost eliminated tremors in my hands, I don’t crash at night anymore after putting the kids to bed, and I have eliminated my caffeine dependence! And I am only getting started!” 

Mike L., Red Deer, AB