If you could reduce rising sick days, months of stress leave, or the significant paper work involved with workplace injury claims, would an hour with a Certified Wellness Coach be worth it to you and your team?

Kendra is an engaging speaker with a passion for wellness and health. She has spoken to a variety of class sizes ranging from small groups in a boardroom to larger audiences in a theatre- anywhere from one-hour sessions to four-hour sessions. She is currently offering one-hour interactive workshops called “power hours” to suit the needs of an increasingly busy world.


Awesome Bonus!

All of Kendra’s hours include snacks made specifically to complement the topic’s discussion- the food is part of the experiential learning! Kendra is happy to accommodate businesses, clubs, and groups with a custom education session designed to meet your specific requirements. All course materials and follow-up included.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $500.00/group
Maximum participants: 15 people

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