Ayurvedic Body Type Assessment

Are you looking for an effective, time-tested approach that will finally tell you what you need to know about your unique body type and how to eat for your constitution? 

Are you wanting support to kickstart a lifestyle program specifically curated to your unique body constitution?  

Do you want to solve your current imbalances using a grass roots approach instead of a band-aid solution?


About Assessments

These assessments are a comprehensive 2-hour appointment where the practitioner and you will be discussing many areas of your life and well-being. We will be asking many questions about your personality, digestion, sleep, energy, and so on. We will also be assessing physical characteristics such as face shape, body, tongue, palm, hair, and skin. The assessment is purely a gathering of information, so the more you can tell us, the better your program will be. Once we have all the data we need, we go to work, looking at the big picture of your health- who you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually- so that we can make a determination of your unique body constitution and current imbalances. This is as close as we get to getting to the root of the problem! 

Before you leave the session, we will book your 1-hour results session. You will receive the results of your body/mind type and what factors are currently out of balance. We will discuss how Ayurveda works and what that means for you moving forward. You assessment summary with a few starter recommendations will be sent to you upon completion of the appointment.


Ayurvedic Body Type Assessment Includes:
  • Initial Intake Analysis of lifestyle habits and tendencies
  • 2-hour Assessment of physical, emotional, and spiritual characteristics via Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Diagnoses of your natural constitution and current imbalances
  • 1-hour RESULTS of Assessment Session via Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Ayurvedic Assessment Summary of your results sent to your email!
Plus, receive these 3 Big Bonuses at no extra charge. (A $300 value)

DIRECT DIS-EASE TREATMENT: whereas our former assessment focussed solely on transformational lifestyle and nutrition plans to support your wellness, we are now including more comprehensive tools that will give us more information we need to treat an imbalance DIRECTLY. That means if you are suffering from Colitis, for example, we will develop a qualitative plan to treat this imbalance, specifically. We couldn’t do that before! So, yay for you!

CUSTOMIZED HERBAL FORMULATIONS: who doesn’t like having a modern day witchy woman create a formulation based on what balances you best and maximizes your results? If, during the assessment, one is appropriate for you, then we take all of your body/mind data we get from your assessment and pair it with a beautiful herbal formulation customized for your specific imbalance. * Note: if one is necessary for your optimal success, this is an additional nominal investment. They are optional but recommended. It is completely up to you and we will work with you.

2-FOR-1 PRACTITIONERS: that’s right! There will be two of us that oversee your treatment if you complete an assessment before February 21st, 2024. As part of an internship through the California College of Ayurveda, I am upgrading my skill set to serve you even better than before! As such, I have a mentor that oversees the work that I do when completing your objective body/mind assessment and, subsequently, creating an individualized medicine plan for you with that information. You will not be meeting the mentor- she will be behind the scenes, sharing insights, feedback, and ideas so that I can ultimately be of the highest service to you, the patient. What an incredibly valuable opportunity! 

Who Is This For?

You’ve tried other approaches and they never worked or they didn’t last. You want a grassroots approach.

  • You want to discover your objective body type percentages given to you by a trained practitioner. 
  • You want to know where you are imbalanced so you can bring your body back to harmony.


It’s time to discover the truth about your body with a Body Type Assessment! 

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These assessments are based on the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda. They have been used for thousands of years to determine one’s natural state of health and current imbalances so that a program can be created to return the body back to a harmonious state.

“I appreciated Kendra’s personal attention in the process, especially around sensitive topics that can be difficult to talk about and require me to be really honest with myself. Kendra’s style is non-threatening, kind and open.  She will make you feel comfortable in the assessment. First, there are tangible and doable steps to take.  Second, I can progress at my own pace.  Third, this is not a one-size fits all approach: it is highly customized and curated to my specific circumstances.”

Travis B., Red Deer, AB

“I would recommend the body type assessment because we all need to take back our power and control of our own bodies so we can finally be truly healthy in all ways.”

Tannis S., Whitecourt, Alberta

“Your body instinctively knows what to do to heal itself. But sometimes it gets hard to listen to what it’s trying to say, especially when it is making too much noise. When that imbalance happens, it’s reassuring to know that you don’t need to do it alone. Kendra, with her fiercely warrior and non-judgemental approach, helps you break it down and quiet that chaos while you reconnect with Self all while cheering you on the whole time.”

Brittany J., Red Deer, AB