Changing Season, Changing Bodies: 3 Food Tips!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or so I’ve heard. As the seasons are slowly shifting, our bodies are slowly shifting. The point here? Work with Mama Nature, friends! She’s kinda awesome. We are transitioning from the dry, cold, and frenetic mid winter to late...

Drink your Water: 7 Tips to Help you Get Hydrated

In the outside world, water makes up about 70% of our planet. In the inside world, water makes up about 70% of your body. Coincidence? Nope. You were made with all the 5 elements that exist in the natural environment. The earth is your bones, space is that distance...
Spring Clean your Body: 3 Quick Tips

Spring Clean your Body: 3 Quick Tips

Even though the first day of spring was technically in March, kinda feels like it’s really arrived, n’est-ce pas? So, let’s welcome this season with wide open arms and a big ol’ smile. We missed you!! Isn’t it lovely? Snowblowers are...

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