This is a message for the modern busy woman who puts herself last.

Here we go, honey…

I hear your cry: “When is it going to be my turn?” For four years, you’ve spoken. I’ve listened. Perhaps without you even knowing. And the cry is so loud it is deafening.

You need to take care of you. This is not a luxury. This is a necessity.

Your time is…


Stop putting YOU last. What good are you to ANYONE if you’re not even showing up for yourself first? Your.Time.Is.NOW.

Take care of you…

Now. Not tomorrow. Not later. N-O-W.

Taking care of you is the most selfLESS thing you can do. “But, but…that doesn’t make sense,” you say.

“If I take time for me, that feels selfish,” you say.

It’s not selfish. Listen up.

Our capacity to love others is a direct reflection on how we are loving ourselves. If we are only giving ourselves 60% that means that we are only giving others 60%. You cannot give more than what you have.

Assume in the story below that apples = survival:

If someone knocked on your door, desperately asked you for 6 apples, and you oblige, giving them the only 4 apples you had because, c’mon, that’s just what you do, you have given that person less than what they asked for AND now you starve because you are out of freaking apples!!!

You cannot give anyone more than what you have for yourself.

Answer this question:

How is what you are doing right now working for you? 

If you say something typical like “fine”, then keep doing what you’re doing. But if your heart’s answer is “it’s not”, then you need to make a choice, sister.

“But why?,” you ask incredulously.

Sigh. This is the part where you might expect me to validate you with something soft and fluffy like …”because you deserve it.” I’m not going to do that.

You already KNOW you deserve better.

I will say this though: Show the f*ck up!

This is your life. Treat your body like the precious glass house it is. Do what makes your soul catch fire! Then and only then can you serve others with that light.

And maybe your belly will be full and you will have a whole kitchen full of apples to give away!


If you are putting off that retreat or that nutritional consultation because the needs of others always comes before your own, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

What is one small thing you can do right NOW to take care of yourself? Write it down, then… JUST.DO.IT.

Go get yourself some apples!!!

Your time is now. 

Yours in self-care,