Happy Body Workshop

Who Is This For?

Babe. We all have our “issues”. The problem is that many of us don’t know where to start when it comes to solving them.
• Poor sleep
• Poor energy
• Bad eating habits
• Premature aging
• Out of balance
• Brain fog
• Depressed, anxious, or both
• Unfulfilled, lacking joy, lacking purpose
• Gas, bloating, indigestion
• The “taking care of me first is selfish” mindset

Do any of those sound like you? This workshop is for you if you meet any of the above criteria and you are ready and open to learn about a timeless system that will help you take back control of your health and happiness.

Program Description:

I hear you love yoga. Well, then, you are in for a treat!
The Happy Body Workshop is a 2-hour class that introduces you to the very basics of Ayurveda- a wellness system (and sister science to yoga!) that helps you solve your biggest wellness challenges. You will discover your body type so you can identify and begin to correct any imbalances mentioned above. We will explore each of the 3 body types and I will reveal the best thing you can do to create more peace, calm, and joy. Things will just start to make sense. You will leave inspired, with hope, and knowing what you need to do. Also, chocolate. Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

Workshop Includes:

  • 90 minute ayurvedic lifestyle class
  • Discover your Dosha!
  • 30 minute nourishing sleepy time yoga practice
  • delicious homemade cinnamon-infused vegan chocolates

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Sydney Rose

Sydney Rose has spent the better part of her life exploring movement and other aspects of happiness including, but not limited to: proper breathing techniques, creative expression, finding joy, mastering manifestation and clearing and creating sacred space. She received her 200HR IYTA yoga teaching certificate in 2012 when her passions all came together to give her a medium through which to share them. Since then she has explored other modalities such as Sleepy time, yin, aerial, AnimalFlow, and Rainbow yoga. She currently lives in Red Deer with her Mister, their little Mini, her two dogs, two cats, three snakes, and a whack-load of house plants. She enjoys decluttering other peoples spaces, being outside, connecting with like-minded individuals, and finding moments in the sunshine to crack a smile. Aloha from Sydney!


Kendra Irvine

Kendra Irvine is a Certified Wellness Coach, Professional Kinesiologist, Speaker, and self-described “wellness warrior”. She is the founder of Living Light Coaching who specializes in restoring balance and solving your biggest wellness challenges like sleep, energy, nutrition, and digestion so that you can have more calm, joy, and clarity. A few simple changes to your self-care routine using a timeless system can drastically transform your wellness! Kendra has been using her unique East meets West process for almost 5 years and has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Kendra has written for “Wellness News”, been featured in the Red Deer Advocate for her unique approach on stress management, is an expert speaker for the inaugural Chaos to Calm telesummit, appeared as a guest on “let’s do influencing” podcast, and has appeared on multiple wellness panels. She lives in Red Deer, Alberta with her two daughters, dog Murph, cat Rumi...and just two houseplants.