Weekend Wellness Intensive

Who Is This For?

Women who want the benefits 3-4 months of my coaching without the time commitment. This is for the mega-busy female leader who really wants to start sleeping better, eating better, having way better energy, and way less gut issues. If you have been to retreats, loved them, but want more one-on-one for results with staying power, then this intensive is what you are looking for.

Intensive Description:

I know you. You are a boss lady. Whether that means you have a staff to lead or you have “cats to herd”, you are busy- okay, you’re too busy-and when everyone else has been taken care of there’s nothing left for you at the end of the day.

Sweet lord! It is time for YOU, sister.

We use the world’s oldest wellness system and sister science to yoga called Ayurveda* to help you tune your body to your own natural circadian rhythm following the laws of nature. Taking care of you is not selfish, so let that garbage go. This is not a luxury, this is a call to you for self-care. Real, raw, releasing, balancing self-care.

The weekend starts on a Friday where we start the rebalancing process. I cook nourishing, balancing, DELICIOUS plant-based meals for you ALLLLL weekend based on your body type. BONUS: you and I will be getting our fingers dirty, creating easily reproduceable recipes in our two cooking classes. Yup, strap that apron on! The rebalancing and resetting continues as you and I work one on one and I coach you through your biggest blocks so you can identify the things that are sabotaging your joy and your inner calm. We will be doing gentle movement classes followed by a short meditation in the evenings and mornings. I will introduce to you some new practices to help you get your day started right. We will be visited by our massage therapist, Bev, who will use her healing hands to help your body function optimally. Of course, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING- that would spoil the surprise element of the weekend! No worries, it is all safe and all legal. And, don’t worry, there will be plenty of free time for self reflection through journaling and meditation.

Basically, it is taking all of the benefits of nutrition coaching, personal training, yoga classes, meditation classes, massage therapy appointments, coaching, cooking classes, inspirational speakers, aromatherapy, and personal growth books and integrating them into one weekend. I know you will love it!


You will leave here lighter, with more confidence, better balance, more calm, less anxiety, and tools to last you a lifetime. Watch for....better relationship with self and others, better relationship with food, you are cooking more, you’ll have time where you didn’t before, you are ‘regular’ again, you are not yelling at anyone, and you are killing it more and more. Experience a weekend wellness intensive and live a lighter life!

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Cancellation Policy: All monies will be due 14 days prior to the start date of your weekend. The weekend is transferable up to 7 days prior to your weekend. After then, no transfers will be accepted and no refunds issued. If the hostess, Kendra Irvine, must cancel, then re-booking at your convenience is available, otherwise, all monies will be refunded.

The Weekend Intensive Includes:

  • Up to 34 hours of coaching, mentoring, and advising in Ayurveda-style living
  • Cozy accommodations in a divinely feminine bedroom with your own bathroom
  • All of your super-delicious, plant-based balancing meals prepared fresh daily and based on your body’s constitution or ‘Dosha’
  • A visit from an intuitive massage therapist who will help you rebalance your physical body with her magic touch!
  • All of your gentle movement classes specifically prescribed to reharmonize your body for your current lifestyle situation (Vikruti) and body constitution (Prakruti)
  • 2-3 Private cooking classes for easy to make plant-based meals and snacks that help to rebalance your body type or ‘Dosha’
  • Swag bag
  • A written action plan about the next baby steps you will take in order to maintain a healthy routine and lifestyle
  • Follow-up support to help you continue on your journey
Cost: $1, 495.00 plus GST*

Duration: 3 days- Friday 12pm to Sunday 2pm*
*You select from a list of available weekends that will be sent to you.

You finally want some results that will last? Then a weekend intensive is your answer! The weekend is intense but also extremely uplifting and light.


Kendra Irvine

Kendra Irvine is a Certified Wellness Coach, Kinesiologist, and self-described “Ayurvedic wellness nerd”. She has been in the wellness industry for over 20 years and fell in love with Ayurveda over 4 years ago. Her love for the world’s oldest wellness system brought her to India and New Mexico where she spent time with one of the best Ayurvedic Doctors on the planet, Vasant Lad. The science and lifestyle that Ayurveda brings to one’s quality of life is paramount to foundational health.

It’s about guiding you, step by step, through a system that helps you restore your balance and hit the reset button on your wellness. Ayurveda helps you slow down, get back to your nature-you’re truest self-and get that balance you’ve been searching for. All you need to do is say “yes”!


Beverly Hall

Massage therapy is a very integral part of a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle and you will get to experience the hands of a healer as part of this wellness intensive. Beverly has been serving women like you as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) & Certified Lensen Therapist (CLT) for over 8 years now along with ongoing training in a high-quality program for Manual Therapy and Advanced Orthopedic Massage. Wow! This lady is really dedicated to your goals of self-healing and restoring balance!

The results that can be achieved when the structural and functional balance of the body are restored through regular massage, client education of movement patterns and self-care are incredibly meaningful to Beverly and she absolutely has a passion for what she does. I am excited for you to have a truly balancing and relaxing experience with this heartfelt and very knowledgeable lady and to walk away feeling light and totally amazing!!


A comfy cottage-like set up in the city with a feminine, eastern flare designed for you to feel safe and totally loved as soon as you walk in. Imagine: a gorgeous scent especially chosen for you permeating the air. You look around in your bright, cheerful new weekend surroundings and feel like you are at home. Exhale. You have arrived. It’s time for ‘me time’!!

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