The Wild Expecting Mother Workshop

Your most empowering pregnancy yet. 

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

at 9am – 5pm

StoneHedge – A Place for Community
(20 minutes Southeast of Edmonton, AB)

Oh, baby! Have we got a revolutionary pregnancy event for you!

Picture the scene…. A pregnant mother goes into labour. She’s all sweaty, swearing at the doctors, spread eagle in a hospital room with frantic nurses and nervous med students, almost breaking her husband’s hand squeezing so hard, screaming at the top of her lungs….”you did this to me!!!”  We don’t want this to be what YOU feel you might experience during ANY stages of your pregnancy. That’s why we created the Wild Expecting Mother. To help you dial into the one of the most magically empowering times in a woman’s life and give you the tools you need for a peaceful pregnancy and birth.  

Join Certified Ayurvedic Counsellor, Kendra Irvine, and Grass Roots Birth Doula, Sasha Marie, as they share with you the coming together of Eastern and Western medicine to give you the best possible nourishing and bonding experience with your pregnant body. 




 Which pregnant woman do you think you are most like?  Sasha are there 3 usual preggo stories… 

The one who is throwing up, waddling around, eating pickles and icecream, and being hyper emotional with my partner. Or there was the wanderlust hippie who goes into labour but you can’t tell, she’s eating a sandwich, her water breaks, she pops a squat and with no more effort than having a giant poo, out pops a perfectly healthy baby which she catches with her other hand, out in the middle of a daisy meadow somewhere. Ha! 


Sacred Body Workshop Benefits:


Your most optimal nutrition for your body type and for growing the best possible human!


Learn to trust yourself and your body before laboring and before facing the postpartum journeying and transition of woman to mother.


Release your pregnancy fears and replace them with confidence, wisdom, and empowering thoughts


Deeper connection with your changing body in pregnancy, during birth, and postpartum


Prepare your body for walking the line between dimensions to bring your child earthside.


Release what holds you back from entering your full power before giving birth.


New wisdom from ancient teachings you won’t find in mainstream

What the women are saying about us…


Heck YES, 

Jennifer S.


I have worked with Kendra 

Janette U.

 Kendra is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about what she does. 

Linda H., Ontario

I really do feel like I have taken so much from the program with you, Kendra.  

Sandra K., Red Deer

Kendra is such a pleasure to work with. She provides a true “work with” not “work for” you attitude. All of her approaches to the program are gentle, met with grace and compassion while still providing the firm support. 

Anonymous Author


Kamille U., Calgary


Chantal W., Edmonton

 Kendra is the real deal! 

Janet M., Red Deer


Dawn W., Sylvan Lake

Don’t miss this unique experience!

Your body knows how to cradle the life inside.

Reconnect with it’s innate mama wisdom and reserve your spot today! 

Spaces are limited.

Your Guides

Kendra Irvine, BPE, PKin, CWC, AHC II

Kendra Irvine is an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and a mama bear of two cubs. After struggling for years to get pregnant after the birth control pill, Kendra gave up and thought it wasn’t for her. So, she got a dog and 4 months later, she found out she was pregnant. Kendra wanted to use her wellness knowledge to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth experiences. A yoga-loving, urban hippie mom raising two girls, she found the ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda and was blown away by how supportive it is to experiencing a wild and natural pregnancy, birth, and post-partum using the wisdom of Mother Nature to reconnect with her body. Her daughters are now 11 and 13 and she continues to raise them as a single mom, with the support of this ancient system. 

Sasha Marie

Sasha Marie is an old soul that values the authenticity of natural living. As a certified birth keeper and placenta specialist, she walks with women as they journey into motherhood. Following her own traumatic births, Sasha felt her calling and began to delve into all that Mother Earth has to offer in order to aid and assist in the healing of the body; not limited to pregnancy and birth but around women’s health in general. She is a Reiki Master, herbalist, student homeopath who combines her skills and talents to help women in facilitating and manifesting the birth of their wildest dreams. She runs The Wild Village, a sacred and safe space for wild mothers making alternative choices for their families.

“I am not only going into birth without fear for myself, but for all the women who have birthed with fear. I will birth with POWER to give other women hope and strength to pull from. Birth is safe…as safe as life can be. I will trust this process and bring my baby into this world with confidence, love, and courage.”