Ready to Live Lighter?

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” -Rumi


Are you feeling burnt out, heavy, uninspired, and you know darn well your nutrition could use some improvement? This is exactly why I created Living Light! I guide and support men and women to finding the solutions to their biggest wellness challenges in my signature step-by-step process. Hmmmm…you say. Tell me more about your mentoring!


What would your life look like if you could have more ease, peace, freedom, clarity, and resiliency?  A Discovery Session will help you uncover the blocks holding you back from permanent and sustained change. It will help you decide your next step towards living lighter. Click here for session details!


If you could reduce rising sick days, months of stress leave, or the significant paper work involved with workplace injury claims, would an hour with a Certified Wellness Coach be worth it to you? Are you a club or group looking to improve your overall health as well as bring your wellness education up to speed?  Click here for more information about the different types one-hour workshops I provide. 



Did you know that you could experience in one weekend what you could in three months of one-on-one coaching with me? If you are like some wellness-seekers who want a transformational experience and the tools to make it happen in real life, these retreats were created just for you! Intrigued? Click here.



Based out of Red Deer, Alberta