Picture it: It’s Christmas night 2018. Everyone is gathered around the dinner table having just hastily devoured their meal like an alligator swallowing that poor wildebeest. YOU are wearing your “turkey pants”. You got this. And then…in comes the ensuing “I ate way too much” guilt, overriding your thoughts, prompting you to resolve to eat healthier…tomorrow. Or perhaps New Year’s, which is just a week away! Yes! You can totally do this. Right? Well, maybe you can. Go get ’em, tiger!

Humour me for a second and consider this statistic: “80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February”, according to our friendly neighbours to the south at US News. While the idea of eating healthier in the upcoming year is super tempting right now post-feast, can you see where the problem lies? If not, take a closer look at the word “tomorrow”.

While it’s romantic to dream about our goals (and I’m all about that), unless we change our mindset about them, everything will be ‘tomorrow’. Getting in shape, spending more time with family, paying off the credit card, cleaning out that room- these are all awesome, life-shifting goals! Now, get specific.

Sigh. It’s time to get really real here, folks. This isn’t a post chastising resolutions. No, ma’am. In fact, take this energy shift about the new year and the clean slate and run with it. Literally. If you’re goal is to get in shape. Get off the couch NOW and go for that walk. It’s cold outside? Put on snow pants.

This is about behaviour change. And true behaviour change DOES NOT occur by doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different results. It occurs in small, incremental steps- the little things daily that make you think “yeah, I totally can do that”!

This is about doing something different. Something uncomfortable. Here’s how you know it will help change you for good: if it feels uncomfortable and you consequently catch yourself falling into the quicksand of excuses, it probably means you need to be doing it.

Get out there and do it, already! Don’t lace up your boots to walk down the same path you always do only to find you’ve walked right back to where you started. Yes, that vicious circular path.

It’s time for new boots. Do something different. That something different is about a DECISION. And answering a hard question.

What is one thing I can do RIGHT FREAKING NOW to help me reach my goals? Take that one big hairy audacious 6-month goal and break it up into baby steps.

What is one thing I can do today to get me closer to my goal? Then before you talk yourself out of it, take the step. JUST DO IT, Nike!

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Are you really ready for change?

Get really confident in answering that question. If your answer is “YES”, there is NOTHING that will get in your way of achieving your goals.

You will find the support. Because you want it.You will find the people. Because you want them.You will get out that pen and paper and start planning. Because you have made the decision that your life matters TODAY.

This is tantamount to behaviour change and day of the year. This is your life. One day at a time.

This is DAY ONE, baby.

Are you in?

In light