I am writing this post because I can’t sleep. I’ve had a helluva few days personally, so I feel sharing this will be a good tool to help grow some freebird wings again. Not everything in my life is easy. As a single mom going through a divorce, it is downright ugly and heavy sometimes.

While I have no control over others behaviour, I certainly have control over mine. Fear and ego had a grip on me even when I thought I had all the bouncers and security guards out watching for them. It still snuck in. Fear is a bitch. It paralyzes and cripples us, tells us to stay stuck, tells us we’re not good enough, tells us the BS someone else says is true, and never lets us forget it’s omnipresence.

But fear can be conquered. With a choice. Either I give it permission to take over or I choose to act in accordance with the laws of love which serve to protect my heart.

While as much as I want to kick fear’s ass sometimes or my own ass for letting it grip me, it is a necessary thing for me to understand the equal and opposite potentiality of love. You feel me? Let me explain: Just as we are capable of being governed by one emotion we are equally capable of letting love lead the way. This is called duality. We all have it.

Fear will only ever win if we CHOOSE to give it the power for which it is so hungry. So, don’t feed the fear and nourish the love that is all around you. And you win. That is my contribution I felt was necessary to quiet the mind and my shared gratitude for the lessons of tough life experiences. As it turns out, I’m just like everyone else. Go figure. And goodnight.


Yours in self-care,